For more than 70 years, KISSLING has proven its ability to address military and industry requirements for robust switching solutions under extreme environmental conditions. Our innovative designs and uncompromising attention to production quality and product reliability result in a product line of relays and switches for applications up to 1000 A - continuous, not just peak! KISSLING products offer unparalleled switching characteristics and improved resistance to shock, vibration, moisture and temperature.

The high degree of vertical integration in our production facility not only helps guarantee high quality levels in all our products but also allows us to develop and produce custom solutions for customers with special needs that cannot be addressed by other standard component suppliers.

Announcements 2016

Honors of long-term employees at the headquarters in Wildberg

Like every year, employees were honored by the Management for their long-term loyalty to the Company.

left to the right:

Craig Workman, 10 years, Gerd Unmacht, 25 years, Matthias Schneider, 10 years, Manfred Gaus, 50 years, Sebastian Mohr, 10 years, Jutta Offenbacher, 25 years, Juliana Tari, 25 years, Wolfgang Marder, 10 years, Gunar Lesche, 25 years, Dieter Großmann, 25 years



Congratulations on the successful completion of the training at the headquarters in Wildberg

Congratulations on a successful completion of the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic to Herbert Hoss and Geronimo Koch, as an industrial saleswomen to Monika Weikum and to Nina Frasch specialist for warehouse and logistics from Bernhard Ihring and Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Ch Knapp. A special praise was given to Larissa Essig for her very good performance as an industrial saleswoman.



Farewell of employees retired at the headquater in Wildberg

The Management said goodbye to the longstanding employees into their well-deserved retirement.

left to right : Herr Höhn, Management, Herr Ihring, Herr Jürgen Ohlert, 7 years, Herr Dieter Claas, 34 years, Frau Anneliese Dengler, 8 years, Dr. Ulrich Ch. Knapp, Management


When it comes to mission critical applications and demanding environmental operating conditions: